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We are the only expert medical claims processing and billing Service Providers registered in Kenya.

About Us DuniK Medical Claims

Dunik Medical Claims is a provider of integrated cloud-based medical claims management and medical billing follow up solutions that enable doctors and other health care providers to increase revenue, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the cost of processing medical claims and patient billing services. The agency utilizes a comprehensive web based medical claims management solution and approach to medical claims processing and management.

Why Choose Us


Increased revenue from new clients


Reduce costs and Expenses of Medical Insurance Claims follow up


Real time tracking of all your Medical Insurance Claims and Invoices


Improved cash flow


Professional follow up of your insurance claims and invoices


Get customized automated monthly reports.

What we do

We Specialized in the following services

Medical Insurance Claims and Billing/Invoice processing and follow up

We process all your medical claims and invoices in a timely, organized and secure manner. We submit your claims and invoices both electronically and manually to hospitals and Insurance companies in real time using our system.

Improve Medical practice productivity & cash flow

We follow with Insurance companies and hospitals to pay your invoices and Medical Insurance claims in a timely manner. You can track all your claims and invoices on line

Provide negotiated insurance packages

We are registered with Insurance regulatory Authority as an Insurance agency. We have negotiated with our insurance partners to offer special insurance packages to our clients.

Link patients with doctors – Book a doc

We help patients to find the perfect doctor and book an appointment in the easiest way possible from anywhere anytime. We help doctors get access to a community of patients registered online. With our integrated end-to-end solution, doctors are able not only to improve their online presence, get new clients and manage patient booking appointments but also improve on their income

Dunik Medical Claims